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Shenzhen Yadaworks Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaging in manufacture and machining business since 2006. It was renamed as current one in 2013; it passed ISO9001 certification in 2014; started using ERP system in 2016 and has become one of the few ERP users within the industry.

The Business model of our company is: small lot, multi-species; our quality guideline is: no defective product is permitted. Our quality strategy: stable quality is obtained by strict control of manufacturing method. For this purpose, we have established a set of perfect and traceable quality assurance system covering such activities as order review, drawing approval, process control, first-item inspection, manufacture procedure sampling. Through years of unremitting efforts and continuous improvement, the company now is able to provide first-class customer free-inspection parts. Moreover, our company is always thinking highly of appearance quality of parts and sparing no efforts in creating exquisite surface effects, so as to suit strict requirements of high-end consumer products.

In addition to domestic market, the company has customers all over the world mainly in US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain and Australia. Main service industries are: robot, medical treatment, automation equipment, instrumentation, sports equipment, etc.

Capability parameters of the company are as follows: 

- Maximum working accuracy: (milling) 0.01dmm (1%mm)

- Maximum working size: 600mm*800mm

- Average production lot size: 100-200 pieces

- Processing materials: such as brass, bronze, stainless steel, stainless iron, ordinary carbon steel, titanium alloy, engineering plastics, aluminum alloy, etc.

- Surface treatment: alodine, anodize, chem film, painting, powder coat, plate, electroless plate

- CAD service: structural design, mold design

Quality is made, instead of inspected; quality management is not a certain approach of administrative management. It is not only a management system, but also a way of acting, an enterprise culture, a value and a character. In the next few years, we are going to focus on and improve individual motivation, initiative and involvement of operators, so as to implement comprehensive quality management.